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But now I find a number of stations where even that does't work. Search engine results show this is becoming a common problem.

updating to 708 on olpc-5

updating to 708 on olpc-77

Last thing I want right now is to deal with lines and lines of obfuscated javascript to be able to listen to and schedule radio broadcasts, wheteher on a desktop, or a media device. Also, why can't radio stations just leave things alone?To those of you who celebrate, we wish you a wonderful holiday season. Since the launch of the Donations Program in March 2004, Distro Watch has made 151 donations for a total of US,739 to various open-source software projects.* * * * * Distributions added to waiting list * * * * * This concludes this week's issue of Distro Watch Weekly.Since it serves that purpose only I keep a music related theme to it and have posted screenshots of it in the Free BSD forums.7 • Media Player Stream (internet radio) @5 (by Jan on 2017-12-18 GMT from Netherlands) Possibly the following forum message has information: At present my usual radio streams work again through radio Sure (a lot of them seemed silent a few days ago).

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