Updating labtops

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The Surface Pro and the Surface Pen make for delightful designing, doodling and notetaking.

Windows 10 also brings back the Start menu in the bottom right corner, and the way that’s been improved with apps that display latest info on their surface – known as Live Tiles. These are known as 2-in-1s and feature screens that either fold back on hinges or completely detach. Run demanding software with its Intel Core i7 processor.

Nowadays, the solid state drives are becoming common in laptops, resulting in faster program loads, speedier boot times, and lower power usage.

However, they are more expensive, per GB of storage, than their HDD counterparts.

Current gamer laptops, for example, employ intelligent graphics switching in order to better utilize electrical and processing power.

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Your laptop is old and outdated Moore s Law states that the computing power of integrated circuits doubles every two years, so if your laptop is even four years old, it s 200 percent less powerful than this year s hardware.

Moreover, most computers collect programs and extraneous files like an open can of soda collects bees, and often hard drives become so burdened by unnecessary data that all manner of performance is slowed.

Better battery life The cells in laptop batteries degrade over time, and it s not unusual for those elderly batteries to hold less than an hour of charge.

Thinness, too, is a common characteristic of new laptops, and many aren t thicker than an inch.

Computing power and efficiency The laptops on the market these days provide the most powerful consumer chipsets the world has ever seen, proving to be exponentially faster than the chips even two years old.

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