Updating hardy to intrepid

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This is my small post on how to upgrade nautilus in hardy to that version in Intrepid.As of know, the upgrade option in hardy repositories isn’t there yet.At this point, you’re all set to receive regular updates via Bit Torrent.

Most users of Linux based operating systems such as Ubuntu are familiar with Bit Torrent.Because of this, the servers are overloaded with upgrade requests every time a big update is released, which often causes them to crash.The next Ubuntu update, version 8.10 aka Intrepid Ibex is scheduled to be released this week, and since the OS is more popular than ever, updating might be troublesome. One that not only prevents the Ubuntu servers from crashing, but also speeds up the update progress, because it uses Bit Torrent.Make sure to remember which mirror it is, because you will need that later.) Or select your local mirror yourself according to your country.It is also very much recommended to disable 3rd party repositories!

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