Updating columns with the rowguidcol property is not allowed

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At this point, please ensure you have completed the installation process by running the Support ABC Template Utility!In Clarion 6 and earlier, you do this via the Application | Template Utility menu in the IDE.If the examples work, and you follow our documentation for use, then your applications will work too!You will find the examples installed in your examples\FM3 folder (you can specify the base folder to install the FM3 examples to when you run the FM3 install).It is highly recommended you go through these examples before attempting to use FM3 in your own apps.It is important to have an understanding of the basic setups of FM3, as well as seeing it in action.Support for the In-Memory Database Driver (IMDD) is superfluous to FM3. FM3 makes a conversion from TPS to SQL very much easier than any other method, BUT... Do not add FM3 straight off and expect it to do what you want. Specifically how it works with Clarion, what some of the oddities are, and how they can be overcome with various tips and tricks.

Goto Template Reference: FM3 global extension template for more details.

Auto UP allows your program to automatically upgrade it's own data files when they need to be upgraded.

This means that all you have to do is change the dictionary, re-compile and distribute. When you change your dictionary you can change anything.

In order to get the examples working, you need to install the relevant database server (preferably onto your local machine as this will omit connectivity problems that may occur).

Check the Firebird tips for some pointers on installing a Firebird server and database.

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