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But then her arch nemeses, Casey Johnson's loved ones, This is horrifying in many ways, not least of which being that there is apparently nobody to respond to Tila's cry for help, which reminds me of a certain other recent Hollywood flameout.Over Christmas, Tila says she made amends with her estranged sister, and there's that brother she's a surrogate for. Is it possible that Tila is perfectly sane, and this is just how her mind works, and there is no cause for alarm? At what point does rubbernecking veer into some sort of ethical obligation?My Space star, Tila Tequila, will be launching a bisexual dating show she hopes will air on MTV.The young starlet has over two million friends on the social networking site and decided to use that fan base to boost her fame even further with the reality show. The American model/entertainer/singer has appeared in men's magazines like Stuff and Maxim, but has also landed her mug in Time magazine.[...] Everyone who read it was moved to tears and today a lot of people kept asking me where they could find that story. Tila had another cause to celebrate at the end of her two-day Twitter hiatus: Larry King booked her for Tuesday. That she clawed her way into Hollywood and onto MTV is actually pretty impressive, and accounts for my weird and deeply irrational soft spot for Tila, even as she proves time and again that she deserves very little sympathy.Text is available under the CC BY-SA 4.0 license; additional terms may apply.Images, videos and audio are available under their respective licenses.

The contestants were not aware of Tequila's bisexuality until the end of the first episode, after ten contestants had been eliminated.

First of all, let me just say that whomever they are getting their 'sources' from needs to be fired real fast!

I find it absolutely absurd that they would even make such an ignorant statement such as 'She's made out with some girls in her past, as all girls have, but she is not bi at all.' ...

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