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In one of his first roles as a leading man, Daniels plays an uptight yuppie that gets spirited out of New York by Melanie Griffiths’ Lulu, an eccentric outsider in the mould of Madonna’s (Desperately Seeking) Susan. ) but ultimately falls short of Demme’s better movies as it doesn’t seem to know what it wants to be: part unconventional road trip; part oddball romantic comedy and then sudden, dark, revenge thriller, even Daniels seems a little out of sorts as a series of increasingly outlandish happenings drive the film towards its conclusion.

The film goes to great pains to point out the oddball loveliness of her character (‘look, she was wearing a wig for the first act of the film but her real hair is even crazier! Still, it’s worth a watch just to see Ray Liotta in the role that would later land him the part of Henry Hill in .

Either way, the pair’s return to the juvenile japery of Harry Dunne and Lloyd Christmas didn’t really work out as planned.

Despite appearances from Kathleen Turner and a lightning Bill Murray turn, comes about as close to reprising the puerile joy of the original as a Harry and Lloyd high five.

The Game of Jeff Daniels, however, is an undeniably different beast and for the most part is a definite “you win or you win”.

After viewing dozens of Jeff Daniels movies and spending many, many hours with his on-screen personas, it’s fair to say that the maxim has been sorely tested but guess what? This list has been carefully curated to celebrate the veteran actor’s talent, versatility and wit and no matter which (if any) of these movies you decide to revisit or check out for the first time, Jeff is guaranteed to give you something to love in each and every one. Not sure whether as audiences we’ve moved on, whether Carrey and Daniels moved on or perhaps just the world did.

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They say that when you play the Game of Thrones, “you win or you die”." whenever they're around literally any other girl. Not only does it ruin the relationship you were in, but the hurt stays with you into the next one.This doesn't mean the relationship suffers, but it does mean that some things happen a little differently. When cheating happens in TV and movies, we're entertained and absolutely riveted.I’m not sure what age I was when I stopped being afraid of spiders; maybe it was fourteen when I woke to find one peacefully nesting in my newly-sprouted chest hairs; maybe it was my twenties when I lived with others more fearful than me and thus became the designated spider-handler.Either way, it was probably the time I unwittingly fell out of fear with this film; watching it again, much of the magic was sadly gone and the truth is, were it to be made again today, they’d slap a 12A on it (rather than its tame PG certificate) and fill it with enough nightmarish content to scar you for years… Daniels himself is witty and dry in the face of his all-encompassing fears and a show-stealing turn from John Goodman’s exterminator does much to lift the movie but even the involvement of ‘super producer’ Kathleen Kennedy can’t elevate to the heights of other classic films of that era in which she was involved.

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