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You can chat to your colleagues about those tasks and projects. And if anybody complains, she takes no crap from them. Birdly is an expense management bot, and who doesn’t need one of those in a business? ), and he will take care of all your expenses and keep a running total in a spreadsheet in Google Drive.You can help him achieve this by sending him private messages with amounts, as well as uploading scans of receipts in image or PDF form.For example, you can give Howdy a set of questions to ask your team on a regular basis, such as “what are you working on? ”, and “who wrote that rude comment about me on the bathroom stall? Similarly simple, the You Tube bot embeds a You Tube video once you specify a search term.”Basically Howdy asks your colleagues the things you need to know, collates the responses together, and delivers them to you in Slack to read over. So, it’s brilliant that someone has made a Connect 4 bot. It will give you the first result it finds and embeds it in the Slack channel.

With the long dark Winter nights coming up for us freelancers working from remote offices, a happy hippity-hoppity squirrel is just what we need to raise our spirits.A couple are fun and light-hearted, but what’s an office without some laughter? You start by either downloading and installing the Swipes software for Windows or Mac.Swipes is a task and project management tool bot called Sofi. This will then put Sofi inside your Slack channel, and you can flirt with her there. EXTRA PAIN is Masochism website, covering all aspects of piercing, painful sexual torment of female breast and genitals, pussy labia and clitoris piercing, nipples pricking, corset piercing, body modifications, self stimulation with needles and clothespins, and much much more... Pain Freaks THE BEST TITS AND PUSSY STIMULATION WEBSITE!

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