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The youngest heir to her family’s oil fortune, Sage has always been the unbridled spitfire in the Tyler clan.Now, fresh out of college, she’s looking to settle down at last with her safe, upper-crust fiancé.First of all, when we go to this new Nuku tribe, J. takes us to this area where there’s a trap already set up to catch the goats before we even stepped foot on that island. And so the mom, she wasn’t eating the food we were giving her. And the goats are actually on the other aide of this big rock by where the water well is.

Then Sage's family business, the Tyler Drilling Company, came under the threat of ruin, and Sage and Harlan suddenly found themselves fighting side by side to save it... Can spoiled, headstrong Sage find love with a man who seems so easy to get and so hard to keep?

I had said that ‘I’m never going to let Jeff snuff my torch. I was like, ‘Jeff, you’ve been dying to snuff my torch for years.’ But when it happened, I was still okay with it. I knew I had played the best 16 days that I possibly could.

I’ll beat somebody with a torch before I let him snuff it.’ But I think he was ready to do it. I couldn’t do anything different and I gave it all and I was okay.” On thinking Tai was the target: “Tai kept grabbing at his pocket, and I think Ozzy was afraid of that.

Harlan’s just the sort of man Sage should avoid, but there’s something irresistible about the laconic cowboy that intrigues her.

When a financial crisis threatens to wreck Tyler Drilling for good, Sage and Harlan must channel their simmering chemistry into the task of saving the family business.

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