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We know for a fact Jack is crazy enough to manufacture at least one person, why would he stop there?

What we see unfold in Fight Club is likely the narrative of one man’s psychotic break and subsequent suicide.

Remember, we are not talking about The Hunger Games or Harry Potter, folks.

Those are examples of a book being TURNED INTO a film. The number of times I have had to explain this to grown adults is absolutely heart breaking.

There is a line about “fathers setting up franchises with other families,” and I never thought about connecting that with the fact that Fight Club was being franchised and the movie made that connection.

I was just beating myself in the head for not having made that connection myself.

Note how Jack’s long coat and lack of pants have made it seem as if he is wearing a dress, a near perfect mirror image of Marla as they watch the 12 skyscrapers be demolished.

Marla and Tyler do not have reflections, because they do not exist.

Marla and Tyler are both seen wearing a similar faux fur coat, wearing sunglasses, almost identical rings and they are seen smoking in virtually every scene in the film.

Jack (the narrator, played by Edward Norton) is seen gradually looking more like Marla up until the final scene where we see the silhouettes of the two standing together, holding hands.

From the back, it is virtually impossible to tell who is who.

So, making refutations of my evidence based on the book are by their very nature irrelevant since this is a film analysis of what David Fincher created, not the contents of the book.

For this reason no comparisons will be drawn in my evidence between the film and the book, since they are unrelated.

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