Outlook item counter not updating

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By linking these contact items together, you’ll get a single aggregated overview of all the information for that contact.

It that regards, it is similar to the People Hub on Windows Phone or on Start Screen of Windows 8. You might have noticed that it isn’t available by default in the Navigation Pane either. By default, even when double clicking on a contact in the Contacts folder, you’ll open the Contact Card of that specific contact.

The option to deliver new messages from an Exchange account directly to a pst-file has been removed.For a macro to quickly perform a search for all related Outlook items for a selected contact see: Reviving the Contact Activities feature in Outlook 2013These options are gone.As you might have noticed, it still only supported the 97-2003 file formats anyway.Due to large amounts of feedback, this behavior first got changed with Hotfix .msp): October 16, 2013" href=" target="_blank"KB2768340.If your version of Outlook is 15.0.4551.1004 or higher, you have the fix applied.

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