Negima dating game

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He still has morals and honor, but isn't above showing true jackasses their place as painfully as possible and needed.

And he's actually terrifyingly smart.)-Steven Universe (Steven Universe, duh. He's cheerful, obnoxious on very rare situations, and tries his best to help his heroes.

This kid is basically the world's best sidekick to the Crystal Gems.

Speaking of them...)-The Crystal Gems (Steven Universe, again. Three aliens that take care of Steven, basically becoming three great mother figures to him.

My dislikes: Pretty much everyone and everything who doesn't take into account the one rule to be successful in life: like and dislike what you like, and don't harm anyone in any way with your likes and dislikes.

And yes, I cried like you wouldn't believe when I saved and forgave him. This odd cousin to Skeletor is a great villain protagonist.

He isn't a dickhead about it or has fun slaughtering the innocent, and he doesn't openly throw away his humanity.

It's just perfect and beautiful, blending gameplay and storytelling at the same time, I... This game is Feels the RPG.)-Sans and Papyrus (Undertale, these two share a bond I never thought would be as subtle yet as fun and heartfelt as many should be.

Sans is lazy, a prankster, and overall plays it cool with puns and jokes while Papyrus is flamboyant, always eager to do things right, and a complete dork.

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