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Proof of Selina's Dysfunctional Relationship With Amy Selina and her staff work tirelessly to maintain the right public persona, which is reflected in Selina's tweets, which are a commentary on the goings-on of this season episode-by-episode, with inspirational quotes and other presidential musings interspersed throughout.

For example, on the show Selina joked, "Don't you think that mudslides are the funniest kind of natural disasters?

Now, there is a larger question about a job she could take — but I don’t think she wants it." After dropping 16 bonus scenes after the episode aired (watch some of them here), there are now a whopping 26 total videos that didn't make the documentary that be enjoyed over at asked Sarah Sutherland, the actress who plays the first daughter, if the show had ever addressed Selina's stance on same-sex marriage.

"It’s never come up," she said about the president, whose party affiliation remains ambiguous.

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A quick search on her timeline shows that the President has since deleted the tweet — a reply from Charlie, below, remains as proof that it did exist — which is what Mandel and the writers initially intended.The site is a nearly fully functioning campaign site, with lists of events, things to do in New Hampshire and the option to volunteer.One click to donate via the "Support Jonah" button brings up the prompt: "Shit! This could either be a spelling error or a removed page, we're not really sure ..." But you can contact the HQ at [email protected] Ryan For "Thrilled that @Real Jonah Ryan is running for Congress in NH," tweets Meyer, who viewers saw gritting her teeth at the thought of Ryan running at the end of that episode. "So I think her reaction is truly shock in the sense of, ' Oh my God, it’s Jonah.' I think she’d love to pay no attention to him, but what if she needs that vote?" Mee Maw, Catherine Calvert Eaton, Gets an Obit Captioned "RIP, Mother," Selina shares the obituary for Mee Maw, Catherine Calvert Eaton, who died in episode four.

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