Mistress slave dating

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There was a clunk of wood upon wood as she dropped the paddle onto an occasional table behind her.

He followed the trail of Lady Sally's footsteps as her metal-tipped heels clicked across the floor, visualising her statuesque figure as it surveyed the implements of corporal punishment on display. Lady Sally had the largest collection of antique whips, canes, riding crops, floggers and straps in the country.

Come now, you are raised on corporal punishment-a strict governess, public school, Sandringham, the barracks. and if it's from a sexy mistress, skilled in the arts of sadistic punishment, like yours truly, then all the better." "Yes, mistress. It's true, who could not resist the magnificent Lady Sally Rudston-Chichester." "I know what sentence a court-martial would pass.

They would give a full judicial punishment, would they not?

After all, the type of judicial punishment she had in mind for the brigadier might break skin and draw blood... She ran its thongs through her silken fingers to assess their feel and weight.

" The brigadier gulped, "Yes, mistress." "So there, the dilemma of how I should deal with your disobedience is resolved. "A military tribunal would expect the most severe punishment to be inflicted for dereliction of duty...

For failing to join my airship adventure, the punishment is a judicial flogging and caning," Lady Sally announced triumphantly. That's very fair, mistress," replied the brigadier, hints of both anxiety and anticipation in his voice. the duty in this case being servitude to me." Brigadier Trumpington was completely in her control.

My workshop has been working over-time to get them ready.

And you will forgo all the excitement..." "I'm so disappointed, mistress.

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