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Charges were dropped and he was released after the actual killer was identified and convicted. In overturning Spicer's conviction, the North Carolina Supreme Court held that the trial judge committed reversible error by not allowing defense counsel to cross examine Pennington "to discover whom the witness was indebted for such favors and to ascertain to what extent the favors colored his testimony against Spicer." Id. Defense counsel was unable to question Pennington as to who was paying the living expenses of Pennington and his wife, neither of whom was working at the time. At Spicer's retrial, the jury took only 15 minutes to unanimously acquit him. The four were convicted of murder, kidnapping, sodomy, and rape and were sentenced to death.

After their convictions, another man confessed to the crime, the eyewitness recanted her accusations, and the state Attorney General admitted that the state had unlawfully suppressed evidence. They were released in 1975 when they received a full pardon from Governor Askew, who stated he was "sufficiently convinced that they were innocent." (Florida Times-Union, 4/23/98). The Clerk of the Cobb Superior Court has certified that Creamer alone was originally sentenced to death. At Spicer's trial, the State offered the testimony of Charles Pennington, a jailhouse snitch.

The men were sentenced to death but maintained their innocence. 1971)) but were again convicted and sentenced to death. An appellate judge in a related case stated that all seven individuals in this case were sentenced to life.

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A state district judge dismissed the original indictments and the men were released after the murder weapon was traced to a drifter from South Carolina who admitted to the killing. After an investigation, the district attorney announced that he would not retry the case.Tibbs' former prosecutor said that the original investigation had been tainted from the beginning and that if there was a retrial, he would appear as a witness for Tibbs. He maintained that he was innocent and that Claire Liuzzo, an escaped prisoner who testified as the main prosecution witness at Beeman's first trial, was the actual killer. At retrial, Hicks was acquitted and released after evidence established Hicks's alibi and showed that eyewitness testimony against him at his original trial was perjured. App., 11/17/81)) The charges against Giddens were dropped. Michael Linder Linder was convicted and sentenced to death for the murder of a highway patrol officer. When presented with this evidence the New Orleans District Attorney's office released Ross. The Supreme Court of California reversed the conviction because prosecutors improperly used their peremptory challenges to exclude prospective jurors who were black.In 1978 the District Court of Appeals granted Beeman a new trial, finding that Beeman's right to cross-examine Liuzzo had been unfairly restricted at his first trial. Read Giddens, an 18-year-old black man, was convicted for the murder of a grocery store cashier primarily on the testimony of Johnnie Gray, who claimed he accompanied Giddens to the murder scene. The prosecution maintained that Linder shot the officer without provocation but Linder insisted that he shot the officer in self-defense after the officer fired six shots at him. Graham and Allen, who are both black, "belonged to the group whose members the district attorney had excluded whereas the alleged victim was a member of the group to which [all] of the remaining jurors belong." (People v.Prior to the new trial, all of the charges against Brandley were dropped. The Court reversed the conviction and entered a directed verdict of acquittal. The Court stated that most of the evidence presented at trial had "nothing to do with Mathers" and noted that even the trial judge expressed doubt as to whether Mathers was involved in the crime. 1990)) One of Mathers' co-defendants, Theodore Washington, has raised a similar claim about the insufficiency of the evidence against him, but remains on death row. Scott was convicted on the testimony of witnesses whose identifications had been plagued with inconsistencies. The man who claimed to be the getaway driver had his charges dropped in exchange for testifying against Smith. Smith, a former high school principal, was convicted of the 1979 murder of 3 people, though his death sentence was later reduced to life. 18, 1992 after the Pennsylvania Supreme Court unanimously ruled that the prosecution had withheld crucial evidence, calling the state's action "egregious" misconduct. When it was discovered that the state failed to disclose exculpatory evidence, Bloodsworth received a new trial, at which he was convicted and given a life sentence. 1991), National Law Journal, 5/20/96, and University of Massachusetts Alumni Magazine, Spring 1994). Read "My Nightmare: An Interview with Greg Wilhoit" by Ira Saletan 52. Deeb consistently claimed no involvement in the crime. Police investigators and the medical examiner testified at the trial that the evidence did not suggest foul play (Life Magazine, October 1994). His previous five trials included two convictions and two mistrials, before his acquittal on June 1, 1995.Brandley is the subject of the book White Lies by Nick Davies. The Court set aside Mathers' conviction and sentence and entered a judgment of acquittal. Nelson was released after a review of the prosecutor's files revealed that material information had been improperly withheld from the defense. On appeal, he was released by the Florida Supreme Court, which found that the evidence used to convict Scott was not sufficient to support a finding of guilt. The Indiana Supreme Court overturned his conviction in 1989 because of ineffective assistance of counsel. He was released after subsequent DNA testing confirmed his innocence. Read "Bloodsworth: The True Story of the First Death Row Inmate Exonerated by DNA" by Tim Junkin Read "Life After Death Row" by Sara Rimer in The New York Times Magazine 49. Macias Macias was convicted and sentenced to death for the murder of a man during a burglary. Read "The Difference a Million Makes" by Adam Cohen in Time Magazine 50. James Robison Robison was convicted of murder and conspiracy in 1977 in the death of a reporter, Don Bolles. Deeb's conviction was overturned by the Texas Court of Criminal Appeals in 1991 because improper evidence had been admitted at his first trial. Nonetheless, the jury opted for the prosecutor’s version of the story and sentenced Golden to die in the electric chair. The exculpatory evidence, according to Judge Charles S. Prosecutors claimed that Cruz hired and paid three men to kill Patrick Redmond and Helen Phelps, co-owners of Graphic Dimensions, in a plot to take over the business.

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