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Turkish officials sought to deport Neda Amin back to Iran, which she had fled years earlier because of her writing on women’s issues. Alaa Ziad from the Arab city of Umm el-Fahm was sentenced one year ago to 25 years in prison for four attempted murders following an October 11, 2015 terrorist attack, in which he both ran over and stabbed two soldiers and two civilians, one of whom was a 15-year-old girl, at Kibbutz Gan Shmuel near Hadera.

The court ruled on Sunday that in place of citizenship Ziad would be granted temporary residency, which would be renewed from time to time, according to the interior minister’s judgment. Get Honest Reporting alerts by e-mail and never miss a thing. Concerned about Islamic State in the Sinai digging tunnels threatening Israeli communities adjacent to the Israel-Egypt-Gaza border, the IDF will build an underground barrier along a three km stretch. the investigation revealed that 0,000 had been laundered in that manner.

Do you hear the UN condemn Arab racism against blacks?

I don't like talking about my experience as a slave, but I do it because it is important for the world to know that slavery exists even today.

I was only nine years old when an Arab neighbor named Abdullahi tricked me into following him to a boat.

What you find on the pages of the New York Times, or in the record of the UN condemnations is "Israeli crimes" and Palestinian suffering.

My people have been driven off the front pages because of the exaggerations about Palestinian suffering. But the truth is that the real sin happens when the West abandons us: the victims of Arab/Islamic apartheid.

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