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I’ve tried video calling on both Verizon and T-Mobile’s LTE network and through Wi-Fi, and in all three instances I’ve had issues connecting to a smooth video stream.I’m not sure if it’s because of where I live (in the outskirts of the San Francisco Bay Area) or if the issue is on Google’s end, but Duo performed poorly for me in this sense.And of course, you can disable it in the settings if you prefer.This is a bummer, and one reason you might want to stick with Hangouts for the time being: If you want to send a text message through Duo, you can’t.But improving chat services doesn’t have to be difficult.Like how creating a great soup starts with a homemade stock, you need a quality base to deliver the kind of customer service that has people coming back for more.

All texts you receive, including instructions and any 1-2-1s from other CB users are free.

But it's not optimized for i Pad; it runs in "blown-up i Phone app" mode.

The first 15 SMS you send to Chatbox are only 10p (25p thereafter) - you get 9 FREE for £1.50!

However, you can’t use two phones at the same time to make or receive Duo video calls.

Each time you log back in on another phone, you'll have to re-verify.

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