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" "How do I act in such a way that I'd be able to hold my head up high if I was invited to my girlfriend's future wedding (if she married someone else)?" Chances are - the person your dating is someone else's future spouse.So many times I've met Christian teens who are dating someone they know they would never marry.Christians aren't called to live for the temporary. then homosexuals are marrying someone else's future spouse that was never intended for them.I heard the other day that Christians are the best planners.Everything we do is based or ought to be based around one fact: Jesus Christ is coming back.We're not here to talk about why people shouldn't have sex.We're not here to talk about STDs and teen pregnancy. because we know that something more than the physical has taken place.

You want to lay this on thick and protect them from feeling condemnation.

You don't want to answer this question so much as you want to get them to start asking a different question: "How do I glorify God with my relationship?

" "How do I make sure I don't hurt my boyfriend or girlfriend?

and culture had taught her that sex can be purely physical. our culture agrees with this (unless it's inconvenient for them). " And apparently (so the story goes) no one could answer her.

Talk about the dangers of lust (checking each other out). Girl magazines have pages called "eye candy" with half naked guys.

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