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AND the Top 5 most famous, most popular, bonafide gay porn stars are… Special Offer: Get 15 Minutes Free On Naked Sword VOD!Check our becoming a supplier page for more information on how to get vip access for free by supplying us content we or our vip members want.When Peter Parker was a teenager, a radioactive spider bit him and imbued him with superpowers: the ability to climb buildings, shoot webs from his wrists, and sense when danger was approaching. When Armond Rizzo was a teenager, he got fucked by a 12-inch cock and was given the rather incredible ability to take the monster dicks of performers like Rocco Steele and Cutler X. No, I’m from Aurora, Illinois, but I normally say Chicago, because most people don’t even know where Aurora is. Instead of going for a smaller dick I dived onto the biggest dick. You weren’t born with a god-given ability to just walk in a room and sit on them. Being an athlete and being able to control my breathing has helped me a lot. I know that when I’m struggling, all I have to do is take a deep breath, control my breathing, focus and relax, and once I do that, it’s showtime. More like, when I don’t have a connection with my partner in that scene, I kinda need a little something else to help me relax. We would love to work with you.” I filled it out online and within 24 hours I had a email with my flight and itinerary and everything. And you’re suddenly in the big leagues with the big stars over there. I was worried I would be starstruck, but yeah that’s how it all started.Make sure to leaves your suggestions in the comments … The gay porn model population turns over, almost completely, about every three years. So, if you take a poll of gay porn popularity at any given point in time, the top 10 or top 20 are going to change, probably based on who pounded who out best last week. 5) Industry (Cybersocket Web Awards, The Prowler Awards, The Grabbys, The Xbiz Awards) award achieved during 2016 to present. The new time frame will be January 1, 2016 to the present day. The next thing will tackle is cleaning up the list and removing the non-working models and make sure your favorites are included: watch this blog! There were models who had stopped working that made the list. [Posted on February 6, 2017] My predecessor here at The Sword spent a lot of time compiling his list. There were others who were much more popular that didn’t make the cut at all. Let’s even the playing field to get current, and more accurate results by establishing new, simple guidelines: For example …

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The computations are accurate; it’s the criteria that needed help. The 2015 rankings were based on the following: – Twitter following: 1 point per 5,000 followers – Number of scenes shot: 1 point if it’s greater than 20, 2 points greater than 50, 3 points greater than 100 – 1 point each for being included on The Sword’s Hottest Bodies, Hottest Cocks, or Best Asses lists – Half point each for having their own active You Tube channel, appearing recently on Queer Me Now, or being one of the top ten most searched on Str8Up Gay Porn – 1 pt for having their own paysite – 1 pt for being one of the most searched names on The Sword in the last year – 1 pt for being one of the most-clicked stars on Naked Sword in February 2015 – 1 pt for every Grabby Award won in the last three years, and 1 pt for a 2015 Hookie Award nomination – And the whole sum of points gets multiplied by a factor based on the number of years the model has been working in the industry, with one tenth for every year (e.g. – A social media score (Twitter Instagram followers) equals _______ – Total number of scenes released in 2016 equals ______ The sum of those two will produce a pretty accurate idea of how popular a porn star was last year: in the comments, please let us know what other criteria you think would be relevant.

While the importance of social media in building and communicating with directly with their fans can’t be disputed, The Sword commentator brought up an important consideration: some bona fide stars are on “sites that either do not allow social media or discourages it,” such as Sean Cody or Chaos Men.

It’s not like I was only surrounded by Latino people, there were Asians, whites, blacks. But you can kind of tell that there were more Latinos than any other group. That’s how my father was raised and how he wanted to raise us. One time he called me and said “You’re coming straight home from school.” I said no. He was like “No you’re coming straight home.” So I disobeyed him and said “No, you don’t know what’s good for me, I know what’s good for me.” That’s the first time I told him I’m not going to do what he wants, I’m going to do what’s good for me. Is there a moment from that period that you still think about when you wanna jerk off today? It was a very tough time for me, trying to find myself and in the midst of that being told how to think, act, dress, behave. I use the sides of my eyes to see where the camera is, where the light is, and move as they move instead of them stopping and saying “Change angles.” It helps after they cut to ask the directors why they put the lights there or there. I’m an adult and if I’m ever in a venue, I respect the people in the venue, and present myself with more respect and try not to bring drama. I try to bite my tongue but if I feel disrespected, I can’t.

But the only reason why he bullied me was because I didn’t do what he said. But it didn’t really make it easy growing up, because I always had to defend myself and fight for myself. My brothers had already dropped out and made mistakes and gotten girls pregnant. I wanted to do join sports, and do extracurricular activities. I was so confused, and got so many rejections from everybody that there’s nothing I want to remember. You do learn a lot from that, and it makes the job easier. I never want anyone to say “He was so hard to work with.” What’s the drama offscreen? I try to let people know that they’re making everyone feel really bad. This person was talking about one of their co-workers and started pointing fingers at everybody else.

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