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The Elixir of Eros takes inspiration from a wide spectrum of resources.

The course presents books, research from neuroscience as well as philosophical arguments from evolutionary psychology.

Let's skip the fluff and have a look at the juicy stuff.

Mike starts the course by re-introducing the Romeo and Juliet scenario.

However, Mike goes a little bit deeper by discussing when and how much of this is appropriate based on the situation.

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e-EROS, the one source for in-depth online information on reagents and catalysts for all chemists planning or working on organic syntheses.Where there are similar services, only major ones or "the first of its kind" are listed.Operation Match (part of Compatibility Research Inc.) launches.To register, please create a username and password. The information gathered from the registration process is not distributed to other organizations and is only used to determine trends in data usage. The Cancel button can be used to exit the registration process at any time and information entered will be lost.

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