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These possibilities make In 1963, Sydney Brenner sent a letter to Max Perutz, the chairman of the Medical Research Council's Laboratory of Molecular Biology (LMB), detailing his concerns that the “classical problems of molecular biology have either been solved or will be solved in the next decade” and proposing that the future of molecular biology lies in the extension to other fields, “notably development and the nervous system” (Brenner 1988; Brenner 2002).

With the simplicity and power of prokaryotic genetics in mind, he proposed that a nematode (round worm), is a tiny, free-living nematode found worldwide.

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has also become an important organism in which to study processes that go awry in human diseases.Photographs were taken on Petri dishes (note the bacterial lawns in all but the dauer images). , although often mischaracterized as a soil nematode, can most easily be isolated from rotting vegetable matter, which contains an ample supply of their bacterial food source (Barrière and Félix 2014).In the laboratory, animals are normally grown on agar plates containing a lawn of the bacterium .The dissecting microscope is used to observe worms on Petri dishes (Figure 1, A and B) as they move, eat, develop, mate, and lay eggs (for movies showing these features, see A compound or confocal microscope allows observation at much finer resolution (Figure 1C), permitting researchers to perform experiments that address questions related to cell development and function at single-cell resolution.

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