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We want sex, for sure, because reproduction is a basic biological, evolutionary need.Sex is how we guarantee our genes will survive to the next generation and that is a major piece of the survival puzzle, even if some people claim they don't ever want kids.It has very little to do with the idea of just falling in love.But this is where things usually seem to go very wrong and dating problems start.And this issue, in my opinion, is at the very core of why dating problems are so out of control.

Well, it really comes down to being a positive influence. They learn to become more open-minded and accepting of not only themselves but also of other people.However, creating an environment where respect endures so both parties are getting lots of wonderful Serotonin instead of nasty Cortisol, all the time, it's critically important for there to be significant awareness of the two personality types involved in the relationship. The two parties must know and understand each others' strengths and weaknesses and also what each person views as opportunities and threats (this is where childhood baggage comes in). One of my favorite tools for doing personality awareness work is the Enneagram Personality System (pronounced ).I have done many well-known personality tests in my career and personal life, including the Myers Briggs Type Indicator, the Keirsey Temperament Sorter, True Colors and others, but I really love the Enneagram the best.I watch my datings stress in high school and think why do you like all this drama?The Indiana high school students stand by their work saying the information was unbiased and informative.

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