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Mr Caswell believes Ipswich would benefit from a move away from Labor Party representation, despite the area's voter tendency to stick with the party.If elected, Mr Caswell said he would focus on small business and ensuring Ipswich's local economy thrived.The Electoral Commission of Queensland explains; "To make your vote count under the FPV system you must number all candidates in order of your preference.

Check which electorate you are in here on the ECQ website using this online tool.

When you head to the polls on November 25, the system will be Full Preferential Voting, meaning all boxes must be filled out.

If you fail to fill out every box on the ballot paper in your preferred order, your vote could be deemed 'informal' and may not be counted.

The One Nation man announced almost immediately after the ruling on his citizenship, that he would run for the state seat of Ipswich.

Mr Roberts lives in Pullenvale, Brisbane and has not committed to moving to Ipswich, if elected.

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