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This rugged region of geological wonders astounds visitors from other places, but it is beloved by Kentuckians and known the world over to rock climbers, partly because of its many overhanging cliff.The Red River Gorge is a place where mighty sandstone arches rise to the heavens and forest niches hide delicate wildflowers that grow nowhere else on the planet.“It’s a beautiful place, but it’s a rugged place,” he says.“Anyone who comes here can’t leave unaffected.” Especially at the peak of wildflower season.“My wife grew up here, and I knew this is where I wanted to be the first time I saw it,” says Ken.He traveled the world as an Army special forces master sergeant.Mike Jensen is a general assignment reporter for the Inquirer and Daily News.

Walk This Way The earliest inhabitants of the gorge didn’t have to build any housing at all.

Beneath a warming sun, I follow another mile-long path that leads to one of the most dramatic arches in the gorge.

I can hear the wind whistling through Sky Bridge when I reach the largest opening, as big as a theater stage, in the rock that tethers the bridge to a mountainside. The cool air blowing through the rock feels as welcome as a blast of air-conditioning.

Now they operate Red River Adventure, a kayak and canoe guide and livery service. It takes about three hours to float one of the most scenic sections.

Some stay the night in a comfortable cabin on stilts that Ken and Judy built at the water’s edge.

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