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Learn more at the Judengasse Museum and visit the Jewish cemetery and its Wall of Remembrance.* Wertheim has all the character of an old Franconian town, and traces of the Jews who once lived here can still be seen in the old synagogue, mikveh and Jewish cemetery.

Attend lectures by local experts on “The History of the Jews in Europe” and “Jewish Intellectuals, Writers & Musicians,” programs developed to deepen your understanding of the remarkable Jewish legacy found throughout the Continent.

Our half-day excursion to Dachau—the site of Germany’s first Nazi concentration camp—is a profoundly moving experience, one you will truly “Never Forget.” Our expert guide will provide invaluable insights as you tour the camp, the Dachau Museum and Jewish Memorial Chapel.

In the city that hosted the famous Nuremberg Trials, you’ll visit Courtroom 600, the history-making venue where a “crime against humanity” was legally defined for the first time.

Our distinctively different programme—the only Jewish Heritage itinerary on the Rhine River—showcases Jewish communities and the many positive developments that can be seen throughout Germany today.

While visits to Jewish cemeteries, memorials and WWII camps are an important part of this journey, our aim is to tell the whole story—the story of how the Jewish people thrived for centuries in Germany and are flourishing there once again.

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