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This was disappointing more than anything as the Hangover managed to balance the off-the-wall elements well for comic effect, here however it just left me unfulfilled.

When Arizona Robbins left Seattle to move to Malawi after winning a Carter Madison Grant, Stark was hired to replace her.

He complained to Webber about it, but Webber told him to go save a life.

When the doctors later all started to laugh after learning no one had died in the shooting, he was incredulous and declared that he hated the hospital.

Because of her prematurity, Sofia's PDA hadn't closed by the time she was five weeks old.

Despite Arizona's attempts to get another pediatric surgeon to operate, she was unable to find one.

She had Alex physically stop Stark while she went to get operating privileges and Callie to save the leg.

When she returned and took over, Stark was shocked and left the OR in disbelief.

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I tried to ignore the unrealistic elements and plot holes but there's quite a few.He scolded her for it, but later endorsed her as a potential Chief Resident to Owen.("White Wedding") After working together on Kyle Baker, Stark was impressed that April had convinced him to change his mind and asked her out on a date as a result." However, Alex later found out that Stark had taken Lisa into surgery and was claiming credit for the idea. ("Something's Gotta Give") Stark left Meredith Grey in charge of his patients overnight while he went out.When Drew Mc Neil had severe post-op pain, Meredith paged him, but he quickly dismissed the pain as gas and left.

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