Dating for democrats

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Clegg has maintained he has "no recollection of that whatsoever".

However, Conservative MP Greg Hands has a record of CUCA members for 1986–1987, and Clegg's name appears on the list.

While it's unclear how the deceased gunman, 64-year-old Stephen Paddock, obtained the weapons he used, Nevada has fairly lax gun laws.

Clegg served as a Member of Parliament (MP) for Sheffield Hallam from 2005 to 2017 and has been associated with both socially liberal and economically liberal policies.

Born in Buckinghamshire to wealthy parents, Clegg was educated at the University of Cambridge, the University of Minnesota, and the College of Europe.

She met Clegg's father during a visit to England in 1956, His background has informed his politics.

He says, "There is simply not a shred of racism in me, as a person whose whole family is formed by flight from persecution, from different people in different generations. It's one of the reasons I am a liberal." He has said of languages that "The danger is that we [in the UK] can afford to be lazy about languages, because they all want to speak English – English is the most useful, the global language bar none.

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