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The carbon-14 decays at a known rate, but since it is being replenished while the animal is alive, only after the animal dies is no carbon-14 added.Of course, this assumes that carbon-14 is not inadvertently added to the dead animal’s remains.Accessed 2013 Oct" href="#footnote11_251lllg"11 Soft tissue normally will deteriorate over time.Soft tissue should not last 65 million years, yet it has been found in a dinosaur fossil which “has” to be at least that old.Dinosaurs supposedly died out 65 million years ago. Carbon-14 dating was recently performed on dinosaur fossils,1 and the results were presented at the Western Geophysics Meeting in Singapore, August 2012, a gathering of approximately two thousand scientists.1 The carbon-14 dating involved precautions against contamination.Several tests were done by the University of Georgia using accelerator mass spectrometry.But, if they were not that old, merely thousands of years old, then carbon-14 dating applied to dinosaur fossils might detect some carbon-14 atoms. These findings about dinosaur fossils are just a piece of the evidence indicating assumed ages are perhaps mistaken.Other pieces include carbon-14 in diamonds, other soft tissue found in dinosaur fossils, and evidence that conventional dating methods are inaccurate.

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Are the dates beyond the range of testing technology?

Special care was taken to prevent this kind of contamination. 10 Living animals take in carbon-14 on a regular basis.

After death, the animal no longer takes in any carbon-14 (nor any other kind of carbon).

Compare this with Abstract.pdf, which does include presentation 5.

Notice the titles of 4 and 6 correspond in both lists, which in the opinion of some, hints strongly that the list with number 5 present was an original list." href="#footnote5_n4k6ioa"Why is the information presented in the paper important?

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