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Hierzu knnen sie einfach einen Beitrag in einem zum Thema passenden Forum anlegen, welcher automatisch mit dieser Seite verknpft wird.Deborah Kurata is cofounder of In Step Technologies Inc., a professional consulting firm that focuses on turning your business vision into reality using Microsoft . She has over 15 years of experience in architecting, designing and developing successful applications.For example, to give the user a visual indicator of the control that has focus, you can change the background color of the active control on the form.To be consistent, every form should incorporate the same technique.You should add event handlers to the base form class to handle form and control events consistently on any form that inherits from the base form class.By leveraging the code in the base form, you minimize the amount of repetitive code in the forms.In this base form class you can write the code for all of the standard user interaction features.

If there are common UI elements on many of the forms of your application, such as a particular icon or set of buttons, then it is useful to add these to the base form class.

You can modify these handlers to process other types of controls as well. NET: Private Sub Process Enter(By Val sender As Object, _ By Val e As System. To inherit from the base form class from any form in your application, you simply change the class declaration for the form.

The base form loads automatically when an inherited form loads.

Some of the information in this article was obtained from her upcoming book, Doing Objects in VB 2005.

Create a base form class to ensure that all of the forms in your application behave consistently.

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