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It is amazing to see what a wonderful job the theists do, considering they are defending ancient fairy tales. Craig is good speaker, but in the field of logic, he is still quite lacking…. I think your list is one of the most comprehensive lists I have ever seen or ever even imagined seeing.I also have a debate on the resurrection at and an audio debate with Canon Michael Cole a This list is VERY impressive.Listening to people who have been on both sides of the issue would be very interesting. ” — Lukeprog In terms of debate performance — nary a one; in terms of logical content — every one! Firstly, he is used to playing in front of the home crowd and has that cocky and confident oratory, you’ll not get him unless you ignore his ‘proofs’.‘At’s my own personal opinion, and I’m stickin’ with it! He can summon up the pure hot air from experience and the ladies faint away naturally its the usual stuff which he repeats ad naseaum. Convoluted logic that does not make a titter of sense.I would personally love to debate him on the existence of God.Provided he used the same 5-way proof he usually does (and didn’t throw any curves) I think I could best him on his own terms. Tabash definitely nailed Craig to the wall on a couple of issues, but he did focus more on attacking Craig’s points than defending Humanism.Craig,on rebut, accuses Price of not doing his a hint of mockery, The crowd almost cheer with relief. Bradley got him by returning to stick his nose in his precious Bible pointing out the places where it did say that hell was a fire driven reality he squirmed but Bradley has his feet right up to the fire. His arguements are built on roccocco castles in Spain,basically,it says in the Bible and he argues from there. ‘You people are totally shut off to the supernatural gee I feel sorry for you’.Appeals to the writings of other big wig conservatives with a soupcon of out of context quotes from the hellbound bunch is the stock in trade for our WLC.

Craig is superb debater — controlled, seemingly disinterested and objective, cool, calm and collected and always extremely prepared.In the end Craig draws the conclusion that while it is possible for God to have created a world where everyone gets into heaven, it would not be feasible for Him to do so.But how could something that is possible be unfeasible for a being with limitless power & knowledge?I’m sorry to report that Mr Humphreys was the atheist in the debate. There’s good ammo here (Mr Humphreys notwithstanding).I agree, for a theist William Lane Craig is an excellent defendant of his position. Apparently Dawkins has said on the challenge something like; ‘Im sure it would look good on his resume but not on mine’ Thats a shame im sure that would be a debate to remember.

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