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The largest mobile carrier with about 70% market share. So even if you for some unknown reason find yourself out in rural-nowhere China, you might not be able to find a real toilet, but at least you will still be able to get a SIM card there. Coverage: China Unicom coverage is not as extensive as China Mobile, but is still very good.It covers nearly 90% of the population, so chances are you will be covered wherever you are.Wi-Fi provides high-speed internet access to suitably equipped computers within 50 metres or so of a small base-station.

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Nobody is sure how commercial Wi-Fi hotspots will make money—the number of connections per day at most hotspots is still tiny—yet even so a “land-grab” is under way, with dozens of operators rushing to build thousands of hotspots.Here’s a basic pre-paid SIM card plan from China Unicom: China Unicom To buy the SIM card, go to any China Unicom storefront, or a mobile phone vendor. If you go to an official China Unicom store, usually someone will speak English, or just point to the brochure where it lists “3G Plan A, 66RMB”. To load more credit simply go to any convenience store and purchase a top up card.Most Unicom storefronts also have a direct electronic system, just give them some cash and your phone number and they will deposit the credit to your account.This means you will be connected as soon as you get off the plane when you arrive– a huge plus if you use Uber at the airport.Comnet Mobile offers a pre-paid SIM card pre-loaded with credit that you can purchase from their website here.

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